Terrorists strike Moscow

March 31st, 2010

Terrorists struck Moscow yesterday. We will have the opportunity to watch a nation which has been an ally, and an adversary of ours, react or respond. Whatever happens will be another significant step in the evolution toward the future of our finite planet. In the big picture, if there is to be a long run for humanity, there will have to emerge a reshuffling of alliances, probably along some basic principles which are familiarly American. Perhaps Bush and the neocons saw something important, which they misidentified as a need to spread democracy; it is the need for the people of the planet who subscribe to some kind of fairly administered rule of law based on individual values, to line up against those who subscribe to, or accede to, unprovable beliefs of superiority which confer upon them the right to suppress the rights of others. When we choose our alliances for the ideals we share, instead of to protect others’ resources that we wish to gain, we might be able to revise our priorities to once again deserve a little respect on the basis of “moral authority.”