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Our Tribal Nature

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

I’ve neglected to post for quite a while. I’ve had to suspend your option to make comments because over the past year all I’ve gotten is thousands of spam postings which are just trying to advertise their sunglasses or fake luxury purses. All of the energy I should have spent on writing out my thoughts were spent on deleting these daily submissions. Soon I will add another method for legitimate comments to be sent to me.

The world has changed markedly since I posted my last musings. The US legislature has shifted toward Republican control, and so far, they seem stuck in opposing rather than leading.
The Middle East has seen ISIS rise hugely in influence, rearranging all other priorities below them. The Palestinian cause is probably tarnished by the wider world’s increased awareness of “terrorism.” Instead of enhancing their position from these demonstrations of real threats, the Israeli government has backed further to the Right, seeming shrill.
The more democratic nations of the world are confounded by the lure of ISIS which promises LESS individual freedom of thought and action.

The world has become more Tribal.
The wonderful ideas upon which the United States was founded used to work better than they do now. We were all in this together!
We used to introduce new immigrants in groups over many years which gave them time to blend into becoming part of the American whole. Maybe the pace has gotten too overwhelming, and our awareness of the world through worldwide communication overwhelms us too, and that discomfiture opposes our pioneering spirit giving way to the tribal tendencies which remain deep within humanity.

We are increasingly having to identify with political or ethnic or racial tribes during every part of our consideration of the course of events.