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It’s been a long time

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Haven’t posted for a year.  I gave up when the only comments I ever got were spammed links to advertisements. I had to change to “moderated” where I have to approve of a comment before it will appear.

One of the two events occupying the news around the world is the secession of Crimea from Ukraine. Most everyone has an opinion, but we base our reactions on what we already think about ourselves and about Russia.

Just to remind ourselves that there is much more to this than we know, read what Encyclopedia Britannica says happened 160 years ago:

“Crimean War, (October 1853–February 1856), war fought mainly on the Crimean Peninsula between the Russians and the British, French, and Ottoman Turkish, with support from January 1855 by the army of Sardinia-Piedmont. The war arose from the conflict of great powers in the Middle East and was more directly caused by Russian demands to exercise protection over the Orthodox subjects of the Ottoman sultan. Another major factor was the dispute between Russia and France over the privileges of the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches in the holy places in Palestine.”

America has invaded other countries with unanticipated results. Mr. Putin wants to try his hand. Maybe he still cares about the holy places in Palestine and could eventually weigh in over there too.

It was four years ago this month when I noted the terrorist attack in Moscow and wondered what the long term response might be. We are seeing it now, perhaps.