HELLO ALL. This blog will heretofore concentrate on my life as an auto mechanic and repair consultant with a facility in the Mission district of San Francisco.
I do all the work myself, so I can only be of service to a limited number of clients, but if you like what I do, I can make your life with your car more pleasant and more affordable, by honestly advising you on what your car needs, and by not leading you into spending money on things it doesn’t need. If you have the time to work with my schedule, we can order parts via the internet and in some cases save you half of what other shops will charge you for the parts.
As most of you know, it is the norm in the car repair world for shops to take advantage of the car owners lack of knowledge regarding the truth of what they claim. I will explain problems that I find, and I will offer you choices of ways to deal with the problem, depending on your budget and the length of time you intend to keep your car.

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