I just got a phone call from a man who identified himself as being from PG&E (and I’m sure he was, as it came to a number that is only known to a few people, but it IS listed on my PG&E account.) He sounded just like a telemarketer. He began by alluding to the issue of choice of power distribution companies, and I immediately asked him if he was campaigning for the ballot proposition 16 that would hamper public power efforts. He evaded the question and in a very skillful way, tried to get me to declare on the phone that I wished to opt out of the plan which Marin County, where I live, is creating to compete with PG&E. I could easily imagine a citizen receiving such a call being confused in a different way than I was confused by it, and opting out of the new system before it is even implemented, and way before the vote on the proposition. Isn’t it illegal for PG&E to use profits they make from their monopoly to fund marketing campaigns designed to gain commitments from customers to preserve their monopoly?

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